Anatomy of Freezer


A reservoir which contains a ready-made mixture before producing ice-cream. It can hold 6,5-12 litres according to the model.


Cooling cylinders

Separate special parts of the freezer where ice-cream is made. Patented Ocean power method of vaporization has been applied to ensure an effective process of coolin


The basic system of the machine involved into the process of ice-cream freezing.


Controls the speed of the screws providing stable quality of the product.


Activates screws in the cooling cylinders.

Pre-cooling compressor

A wholly separate cooling system that controls a central temperature in the bunker. The system preserves the temperature 2 – 7°С according to EU standards of food processing industry.


High strength & good ability stirring.

Technical Characteristics of Freezers.

All freezers of the 2nd generation include improved systems of control with the following functions:

  • - voltage & current in the display
  • - servings counter
  • - mains voltage fluctuations indicator
  • - special protection from the brute force of cylinders’ over frosting
  • - mix level sensor
  • - compressor Cubigel (Spain), Aspera (Italy)
  • - expansion valve Danfoss (Denmark)
  • - pre-cooling system (storage mode)
  • - stainless steel housing