How do I earn?

What do you need for successful start up?

  • - A wish to work and earn money;
  • - A busy place for trading (a park, a market, a railway station, an embankment, a trading centre, etc.) and necessary documentation;
  • - Financial starting capital makes up approximately 8.000$ (may vary according to specific regional conditions).

How to earn?

Ice-cream is traditionally regarded as a seasonal trade. We can notice the rise in demand in summer and the fall in it in autumn. In winter, few people in a café have a desire to taste this delicious dessert. Soft serve ice-cream is an exception! The interest to this among traders has recently grown on a large scale.

Ice-cream business is called “sweet business”. On the one hand, we produce palatable food, on the other hand, make “sweet profits”! I suppose, You will agree it is truly irresistible – You can’t help buying this sweet fresh relish! Ice-cream has become an inseparable part of our life. People of all ages will go on eating loads of it daily.

In order to create profitable Soft serve ice-cream trading You have to learn specificity of this business perfectly well.

Variety of mixtures

There is a wide variety of mixes but the most preferable ones are vanilla & chocolate ice-cream and vanilla-chocolate mix. You may diversify the product by using fruit flavors. From 1kg of mixture You get 3kg of ice-cream. One portion weighs 75-100gr. Ice-cream is served into waffle cones. It could be sold by weight or by rations, choosing a proper cone.

Profitability of this business depends on the season while its success lies in Your personal persistence and right approach! Our business chart of startup contains all elements to ensure success.

The mixture can be used to prepare cocktails. This is a profitable supplement for Your Soft serve ice-cream trade point.


You may produce ice-cream on different equipment. Due to Your financial starting fund, You may purchase American or Italian freezers. Their cost is 3-4 times higher than the ones made and assembled in China. However, the quality of Chinese productions is not inferior to European machines as long as the machine parts being produced in Europe. Costs will be repaid in first 2-4 months.

Freezer lifetimes depend on a seller working equipment. You have to take care of it. After using, it needs to be disassembled, washed, dried and assembled again.

As our experts note, the most important thing in this business is that the ice cream was delicious. The taste and quality of a treat depends on the mixture from which it is made.